Nowadays, the importance of the identification tag for a dog isn't so obvious for everyone, so far.

Luckely, in many countries of the world (as for example in the United Kingdom, in Canada, in Australia ...) it is mandatory by law; it is given to the owner as soon as the dog is registered with the application of the microchip and the dog will have to wear it everywhere during his whole life, so that he can be identified easily at any time.
It is important to clarify the differences between microchip and identification tag, as they are two important identification methods that should coexist and about which there is often a lot of confusion, thinking that one excludes the other.



It is a small transponder, mandatory by law in Italy and in several foreign countries, put by the vet in the subcutaneous side of the neck, identifying the animal with a personal, 13-digits code that can be read by a special device. 
Its usefulness is undeniable because it allows to identify the dog and his owner. This means that a dog who gets lost can be brought back home. It also means that, in case of crimes and abandonments of the pet by the owner, it is easier to find out the responsible.
However, it's not so clear that:
  • it is not a GPS, so it does not detect the animal
  • in order to read the code it is necessary to have a compatible reader, provided to vets, shelters and law enforcement agencies
  • once the code has been identified, the correspondence will be searched on the national dog registry website (where the registration was accomplished), in order to find out the owner's data.
It follows that the recovery procedure based on microchip is not so immediate.
Imagine to drive your car and to find a dog who got lost:
  • you have to get close to him
  • to carry him into your car
  • to take him to the nearest place provided with a reader, in order to make sure that he has got a microchip
  • in case of a positive outcome, to wait for the owner's data and to find him.
You have also to consider that there is no international dog registry, but only a national one. For this reason, it will be difficult to immediately find out the correspondence between microchip and owner, in the event that the loss occurred outside your registration area.

Identification tag


It is a strong and biocompatible metal plate on which the following information is usually engraved: dog's name, owner's telephone and possibly address.
It is essential that the pet always wears it, attached to the collar, so that in case he gets lost, anyone who finds him, getting close to him, will be able to find out his owner and contact him immediately.
It represents a simple and old, quick and direct method, avoiding the dangers that a scared animal wandering on the street could cause both to himself and to others.
Do you understand why the identification tag is mandatory in many countries of the world ?! I want to mention some examples.

"A 1992 decree states that in the UK any dog ​​in any public place must wear a collar with the owner's name and the address engraved on a tag or written on it. The postcode is optional (but it is strongly recommended) and the telephone number is optional (but advisable). A penalty is expected for those who break this rule.

In Montreal, Canada, the dogs owners are expected to pay an annual fee for the ID tag and dogs have always to wear it with their collars. In Florida, instead, each dog has to mandatorily wear a tag with the date of the latest rabies vaccination. "

If you travel very often abroad it is also advisable to mention the country of origin, in order to use the correct area code in case of call.
The identification tag should therefore not be considered as an object of beauty, but mainly as an old and very useful accessory that can protect our pet in any dangerous situation.

In fact, this object began to acquire great importance at the beginning of the 20th century, in order to identify soldiers in any situation.


Where can you buy it?


You can buy it in pet stores, online and you can choose among a wide range of models of any kind.
It is a strong, cheap, tough object that guarantees safety in dangerous situations.
For this reason, let us not forget to leave our pet without this essential accessory! ... and above all, don't wait until it's too late to think about buying it.
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