Technologies for tags customization


Objects’ customization acquires more and more a strategic importance – for commercial purposes – for any company producing or distributing consumer products. Even for this reason, we are noticing a growth of new technologies, processes and systems aiming at giving an added value to the end customer, materializing into customization.

The customization of tags for dogs and other house pets, contrary to customized dogs’ collars, occurs according to a special technology for metal engraving. In other words: tags’ engraving for dogs or cats takes place thanks to pantograph technology. 

Pantograph is actually one element of tag engraving and customizing machines, even though it’s the most important one (there are electrical and electronic components, softwares and hardware, parts of metal shell, etc).   

Pantograph is composed by a system of shafts and has a diamond inserted into a support, representing the element responsible for metal engraving. Diamond, being stronger than the metal on which it glides, can engrave it, leaving the sign of the requested customization.

The machines for tags customization have technical features very different from laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, wood engraving machines or machines that – for their nature – have industrial applications.

The customization of pet tags is indeed made directly in the sale point (excluding the world of online sales) and according to a customization desired by the customer.  For this reason, it looks more like a “do it yourself” pantograph than an industrial machine, which can be used by non-specializing operators. Even for this reason, design and ease of employment (typical features of products meant for end consumer) should be very important in the machine design.

The steps to get to engraving are as follows. You put the tag into the special compartment, you establish the string of characters to engrave and you let the engraving start.  

Myfamily Techla engraving machine gathers these features more than all other tags engraving machines in the world. Look at the demo video to have a confirmation.


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