Pet business: the strategy to improve it

Today, the veterinary drug field is still a small reality if evaluated on a commercial level, but an interesting opportunity if considered in terms of customer loyalty. In recent years, in fact, there has been a strong and unexpected growth in the business related to this field which is connected to the growth of pet care.

The collaboration among veterinarian, pharmacist and pet corner nowadays is therefore the right web to focus your business on to make it better and more productive.



With the term "pet care" we mean the care and welfare of pets and animal in general, in all its facets.

A few numbers to give you clearer and more precise ideas about the business that can derive from it.

Another important aspect that should not be underestimated is that thanks to care and healthy eating, life expectancy for our many 4-legged friends has also considerably increased in the last 30 years.

Recently, many studies have been carried out concerning the affective functions of the pet, which have highlighted their importance in our daily life; an international study has even highlighted how children who live with an animal get sick rarely, they lose 18 days of school less than their peers who do not own animals. Just think about the recent spread of pet-therapy in every area, to realize the importance that animals have conquered today.


The PET business.

The list of Top 25 retailers in 2018 Pet Business shows that the largest pet stores in North America have continued to grow significantly in the last year, a phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing, which has reached about $ 69 billion in sales.

From an American interview, which involved 1000 owners of animals from different States, it emerged that the monthly expenditure for their animals:

Many American chains within their stores offer health-related services from occasional vaccination events to genuine veterinary clinics within their businesses. Additional services are an effort to get more buyers in the store, encourage impulse buying and strengthen the store's image as a place to find pet health products and skills.

Japan has a highly developed pet market, with a value of about 1,450 billion yen, where the total sales of pet food and accessories amount to about 900 billion JPY; in China, on the other hand, given the exponential growth of the last few years, it will reach $ 7 billion in 2022 (based on Euromonitor data).

The pet business in Italy, in 2017 has exceeded 2 billion in turnover, with food at the first place, followed by products for the care and well-being and immediately after the drugs; the following drugs leading the ranking:

  • pesticides
  • anti-inflammatories
  • antibiotics

In Italy, when a pet owner need a drug, has to go to the pharmacy because a veterinarian can not dispense medicines, except the first few doses to start the treatment. Abroad the situation in different.

There are also many veterinary products which although they do not need medical prescription, require specialized advice from the pharmacist who is often unable to give it. These products are treatment for skin and hair, otologis products, lactic ferments, pesticides and, in general, products for prevention, supplements.

This is why lately there are several courses designed to train the pharmacist specifically on products of veterinary interest, to be able to give competent opinions and collaborate in the best possible way with the veterinarian. Outside our country (Italy), there are various and interesting conferences and activities around the role of the veterinary pharmacist who is a professional who is at the vet like the pharmacist is at the doctor. The presence of these specialized figures represents further proof of how we should prepare ourselves for a real explosion of requests.

In this specific field, the pharmacist, as a health professional, can perform in synergy with the veterinarian, a significant educational function towards the public, but also adapt and prepare their structure in order to meet the needs of easy availability of specific products for pet care. A constant connection with the veterinary clinics adjacent to the pharmacy could be useful and useful to promptly meet the needs of procurement of drugs by the pet owner, keeping an adequate supply of the most frequent prescription drugs. They could aldo organize a pet corner.

Read also the interview we did with Michele Monteforte of HOBBYZOO.

After the boom in sales related to products for children, after the increase of organic and food intolerances, now great results are coming from the "pets" field.

After all, it has only been for a few years now that the pet world has definitively become part of ours, so much that it is now a fundamental part of it; not only the dog and the cat have win people over but also birds, rodents, fish and more and more particular animals.

Often the true nature of the animal is ignored by the owner who comes to treat his pet as a human; many times he transforms his affection into pathology; but all this creates business.

Marketing tries to push where the demand grows; this is what must happen in the pet business: to create the demand starting from the offer.
Browsing online, I have found some specialized Italian veterinary pharmacies that only sell products for animals: medicines, feed and accessories. This type of activity has multiplied over the years, opening up several stores and expanding their product offerings.

Their presence, increasing on the territory, makes us understand the attention that consumers have in the purchase of products which are specific for their animals. The era in which the dog ate the leftovers of the house is finished; today, thanks to the information, the level of sensitivity of the owners has increased and they have understood the importance of feeding and cuddling their pet.



Another aspect that should not be underestimated for these activities is the online sale, which offers the opportunity to comfortably receive the goods at home, many times without even shipping costs. Many shops have improved their business thanks to their presence on social networks like facebook, instagram.

If you want to know more about FaceBook, read here.

Through this channel, with a minimum of effort, the shops can do promotions or give useful information on some product, or communicate news regarding the animals or some activity organized directly on the spot.


Thanks for your attention! Today I want to say hello to you like this:

  • "Today, finding winning and successful ideas is not a condition for a few people, but a necessity for everyone."
  • "The problem is not having ideas; the world is full of wonderful ideas; people wishing to realize them is the only missing thing".

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