Interview with Cristina Foglietti of Giulius Demas SRL

We had the pleasure of having an exchange of ideas with Cristina from Giulius, trademark of the company Demas Srl. 
During the conversation we collected a number of important impressions about the world of pet. This testimony comes from one of the most important players on Rome and Italian market, which makes it even more appealing for all operators in the segment. I hope that what reported in the following interview is significant even for you reading in this very moment. Good reading:)

Profile of your reality, in order to specify to the reader the contest in which you are placed:
Name of the banner: Giulius
In activity since : 2003
Shop surface: 3.000 sq m (Gregna Sant’Andrea); 2.000 sq m (SaxaRubra); 400 sq m (Testa di Lepre); 200 sq m (Via dei Colli Portuensi) – Next opening
Shops total surface: 5.600 sq m
Turnover 12,950 MLN Euro
Number of employees: 40 employees, of which 7 pharmacists
Commercial offer: 18,000 shelf references + parapharmacy service
E-commerce site with 6,000 references


D: Most of the markets in which commercial activities operate, have suffered a contraction. Regardless what financial analysts say, what situation are you actually living in? Furthermore, which trends in this segment and which changes in consumers attitudes are you detecting?

R: We have also suffered from this contraction, but it has stimulated us developping initiatives in order to attract new customers in our stores. The most successful initiatives are the ones actively involving our customers. " I introduce you a breed" is a format during which a race is introduced by a professional breeder in one of our stores.  Clearly the scope is promotional and each edition meets a success which also comes from promotion on social networks. Even Christmas initiatives, like "truccabimbi" (children fancy make up) usually have discreet success. The consumer is more and more oriented to e-commerce and it will be the same in the near future. For us the online distribution channel is complementary, because we believe that shopping experience in the physical store will always have an added value. Our E-Commerce site provides a smaller assortment compared to what available in stores, also because of the complexity of management that grows with the number of references.

D: Which are the distinguishing elements of Giulius and which are the startegies you are planning to apply for the next years?

R: The moment of purchase at our stores aims to be a real emotional experience. According to this purpose we orient ourselves to large surfaces, with a range of important items and work on a continuous search of products that represent a novelty to consumer' s eyes. Moreover the skills and the passion that characterize our employees are key elements for the satisfaction of the buyers who visit us. MyFamily did his part, in this direction. In fact, to make the experience in the store even richer, and thanks to the teamwork with your reality, at the Saxa Rubra store we have set up a wall of about 4 meters with a display to accommodate 2,000 tags: the visual impact to this presentation is really exceptional to visitor’s eyes.

D: How did you know MyFamily and what are the advantages on which the company that produces The Tags can count?

R: Between us and MyFamily a partnership has been established immediately. This collaboration allowed both to achieve positive and satisfactory goals, for each store we have been able to make an almost customized layout that could enhance the product to the best. MyFamily's products are unique and simple at the same time. The wide assortment allows to satisfy every need of the consumer and the TAGS that portray the breeds give the customer the idea of owning a unique and personal object for their four-legged friend.

D: And if you had to give a suggestion to the independent stores owners, what would you say?

R: The strategic recommendation I would like to give is to focus on value-added services that bring utilities to the consumer and are typical of the "neighborhood" shops. Focusing only on food can be reductive, while the world of accessories is the one that offers more guarantees in terms of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


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