Instagram for a Pet Shop: Pros and Cons

: a social network among many others

Internet is now full of socials and it's even more difficult to choose among them which one is the most suitable for your business.

Facebook, by now a giant among socials, is obviously the most quoted because it offers the possibility to create a page of your company and a wide choice of subjects to post and actions to take.

If you are interested in receiving more information about this, please read also our article about managing a Facebook page for a Pet Shop.

Besides Facebook, which other social media can be useful to establish the presence of your Pet Shop?

There are many, but today I will talk about Instagram. This social was born as an app for smartphones and then evolved into what is now one of the most relevant social networks for a business promotion. It's a product focused on sharing of visual contents (pictures and videos) that significantly feed visual marketing. It was created to take and/or share photos/videos aiming at creating a positive and viral reaction from users. Its success comes from the fact that it raises emotions and feelings that go beyond the original photo. There is nothing better than a picture to tell a story and Instagram takes full advantage of this peculiarity.

Humans are naturally predisposed to visual processing, so colors and movements are much more attractive than any text.

Besides tools to share visual contents, it also gives you the opportunity to send privately messages to other users; this allows you to connect directly with your potential customers. Users on Instagram are usually more willing to interact with the different business affairs in comparison with other social networks.

You can customize pictures also through hashtags that allow you to increase the access of new users to your profile without having to resort to sponsored promotions.

You can share on Instagram "Stories", photos or videos that remain visible only for 24 hours. It's an easy and fast way to update your users about your activities, without taking too much care of the content.

Several companies have chosen to use Instagram for their advertising, even in the Pet World! MyFamily is among them!

Thanks to its features, Instagram has both pros and cons. Before deciding if it is for you, you have to keep them in mind.



  • Visibility: Many people say they prefer Instagram to Facebook thanks to the visibility that a post has on Instagram compared to Facebook. Since 2012, Facebook's visibility has decreased by 60%: this means that many people, even if they are your users, cannot see your posts unless you pay. On the contrary, Instagram, thanks to its hashtag system, encourages visibility much more.
    If your business has an unusual visual content to share, such as photos of your pet shop's mascot or your contributions to animal shelters, Instagram allows you to show this content to the utmost.
  • Hashtags: Hashtag is the most suitable tool to reach an audience that is not necessarily part of the users registered to your profile, but who is definitely interested in the subject. Now you can include 30 hashtags in each post.
    For a Pet Shop it is very simple to find hashtags related to their business. You can find not only the most popular words of your business field, but also aim at a special niche group of users without much difficulty.
  • Visual content: The attention to visual content allows you to communicate better through more focused posts. Instagram offers a quick and easy way not only to upload / capture the desired picture, but also to change it with a set of pre-existing filters. This way you can take care of the uniformity of the colors of your Pet Shop photos without much effort.



  • Visual content: it can be a positive factor, as mentioned before, but also negative. Instagram is based only on sharing images and videos; therefore you have to invent, create and share only that kind of content. You must pay great attention to what you post because the images of low visual or communication quality will be disregarded by potential customers.
    The information and contents about your pet store are poor, so you have to strive constantly to create new ones.
  • App: Unlike many other social medias, Instagram is still mainly an application. For this reason, to obtain the best from this social, you have to use it on mobile devices. The access is also possible from a PC but with many restrictions, such as the inability to view and reply to direct messages or to post photos.
  • Physical Pet Store: Instagram attracts audiences from  all over the world. According to the hashtags used, you can reach users not only close to you, but also nationally and worldwide . This however becomes a problem if your business is a physical store that does not allow online purchases. With Instagram, it's much more difficult to aim at the local market than with any other social networks such as Facebook; it's more suited to global advertising. You only risk to invest your time in something that doesn't offer you much in terms of productivity.


These are main pros and cons of Instagram for your Pet Shop. Now it's up to you to evaluate and decide what is best for you and for your business.

Do you have any more suggestions about positive and negative sides of Instagram? Let me know your opinion in the comment below.



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