Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today, Take Your Dog to Work Day is celebrated. It is the annual opportunity to go to work with your own four-legged friend.

When was this event born?

This Take Your Dog to Work Day is a very recent celebration, but it has immediately taken hold on many continents. The event was born in 1996 in The United Kingdom by Pet Sitter International association, reaching United States and Canada in 1999. Nowadays it has become a sort of tradition and it is calculated that one in five companies is pet-friendly and some allow employees to take their dogs to the office.

Now you're probably wondering why a person should ever take his dog to the office if not for a simple vice... Well, there is a reason and it's also a valid one!

The slogan of this event is "More pets, less stress", because according to many studies, to stay with your dog in the office reduces stress and increases productivity and professional satisfaction for both employees and the company. Having your dog nearby generally improves mood and blood pressure.


Let me introduce Joolio to you! He is the mascot of MyFamily that, day after day, works together with the employees. He takes care of testing ID Tags resistance and he always pays a meticulous attention to the movements of food in the company. Joolio is free to go everywhere checking each employee's work and to run around the private garden of the building thought as relaxation area. The best ideas come to him there.

And what do you think about the presence of dogs in the office? Let us know your opinion :)

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