Friends Golden Retriever ID Tag
Friends Golden Retriever ID Tag
Friends Golden Retriever ID Tag

Friends Golden Retriever ID Tag

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Do you notice a certain resemblance? The Friends Golden Retriever ID Tag is a faithful portrait of your four-legged friend. Unique in its kind, it's a must-have for lovers of this breed.


Your pet's inimitable expression is faithfully portrayed in the Friends Golden Retriever ID Tag. A miniature work of art, the result of the creative flair that distinguishes MyFamily and the goldsmith tradition we are rooted in. The Friends collection, dedicated to the most famous breeds of dogs and cats, is a constant pursuit of perfection: the perfect example of how a simple object can become a symbol of your lives. Completely hand-finished in Italy, within our manufacturing facility. Customizable on the back with an easily legible and durable engraving. Equipped with a practical ring to attach it to the Tag-holder.

Golden Retriever

100% Made in Italy (Valenza)

2-year warranty

Designed for pets

Carefully selected materials


Add a distinctive touch to your MyFamily ID tag: engrave your pet's essential data and turn it into its most precious treasure. Our engraving is special because we use a diamond tip that keeps it sharp over time. Precise, detailed, and always free!


Inspired by the goldsmith tradition of our city, Valenza (AL), we carefully handcraft every detail of this MyFamily ID tag, finishing it by hand with an enameling process, directly in our manufacture in Italy.

From the idea to the packaging, everything comes to life here, in a friendly and comfortable work environment, where a team of passionate people uses their knowledge to offer a unique accessory to pet lovers and four-legged friends.

A Jewel for Your Pet

What makes a MyFamily ID tag so extraordinary? The exclusive design by our team, the excellence of materials and workmanship, but most importantly, its utility. Thanks to the possibility of being engraved, it will be the ideal adventure companion to ensure the safety of your friend: in case of loss, the ID tag is the quickest way for it to return home. Moreover, it will give it an unmistakable style!