"I Woof You" Cookies for Dogs
    "I Woof You" Cookies for Dogs
    "I Woof You" Cookies for Dogs
    "I Woof You" Cookies for Dogs

    "I Woof You" Cookies for Dogs

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    The "I Woof You" cookies for dogs teach us that sometimes words aren't necessary. Three cookies with green and white icing to show him how much you love him, because sharing food is a true love language! MyFamily's Pet Bakery line is born to bake delicious treats dedicated to our four-legged friends, adapting the great classics of pastry to meet their needs.


    You shop, we donate.

    1% of your purchase goes to the MyFamily Foundation, which supports children and pets nationwide.


    MyFamily Foundation supports initiatives aimed at the well-being of those who teach us love in its purest and selfless form: pets and children.



    Complementary food for dogs. composition: Wheat flour, fructose, vegetable margarine, eggs, potato starch, honey, butter, yogurt powder, corn flour, tapioca starch, egg white, maltodextrin. Additives: Food coloring. Analytical constituents: Crude protein 7,15%, Fat Content: 9,65%; Crude fiber: 0,25%, Crude ash: 1,38%. Recommended daily ration: serve at room temperature, leaving fresh water available, at a rate of 10% of the energy intake of the total amount of daily food. Warnings: Store the product in a cool and dry place away from direct light. Best consumed before the date indicated on the packaging. These dosages are to be considered indicative: adjust the doses according to the physical activity, age, breed and individual physical conditions and to the climatic conditions. Produced by ABP4112PETPR3. distributed by MyFamily s.r.l. Shipping of this item is only available for addresses located within the European Union.

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    Snacks from our Pet Bakery are meticulously handcrafted by professional bakers. These products are suitable for daily complementary consumption as well as for parties and celebrations. In short, all occasions to make even more special!

    100% Natural ingredients

    All raw materials used to make Pet Bakery snacks are exclusively selected. Each recipe is formulated in collaboration with experts in dog nutrition, using ingredients of excellent quality.

    Just like yours

    Snacks produced by MyFamily's Pet Bakery are unique because they faithfully reflect those intended for human consumption. Tempting not only for their taste, tailored to the needs of our four-legged friends, but also and above all for their shape and attention to detail.

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