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MEMOPET: More than just collars and harnesses... a real digital database for the dog


This is the newest release by MyFamily... it's called Memopet and it's a brand-new collection of Nylon collars, harnesses and leashes with features never seen before.

A revolutionary and technological line that allows you to be always connected with your pet. ...

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MemoPetID: The App that connects with collars, harnesses and leashes


The biggest news is inside the buckle, which encloses the NFC technology that turns the harness and the collar into a real digital database.

Thanks to MemoPet ID, freely available both for Android and iOS, you can upload and update all the personal and health data of your Pets to make them easily accessible by approaching your smartphone to the NFC reader inside the collar or the harness buckle.

The app allows you to keep your pet's full profile up to date, so you always have its most important data at hand. At the same time, the collars and leashes allow it to always "wear" its digital database with:

  • Profile photo
  • Health and personal data
  • Passport and microchip
  • Agenda and reminder for appointments and treatments
  • Food, allergies, therapies
  • Monitoring the duration of your walks

Thanks to the app it will not be necessary to always carry the veterinary booklet anymore, as all health data, appointments, treatments, and therapies are listed and always available on your smartphone. Allergies are also under control, so if you were to entrust your dog to someone, he would know exactly what to do!

There's more... even knowing how many times you go for a walk and for how long is now possible, thanks to the of the NFC technology inside the leash. Again, you just need to bring the phone close to the component that encases the chip to initiate the App, and this allows you to monitor the time you spend together.



All your data on your smartphone with a simple "tap"

All your data on your smartphone with a simple "tap" Its information and data will always be around your pet's neck, available with a simple tap with your smarthphone, just approaching it to the NFC reader.

This is the revolutionary feature that Myfamily's memopet harness and collar can give you!

Even those who didn’t download the app on their phones are able to read the data: approaching their phone to the buckle, they can see all the information about the pet through the web.

It is, therefore, a fast, easy and innovative way to protect the safety of your pet.


Innovation, endurance and comfort: With Memopet the first Myfamily harness is born.

The Memopet collars, harnesses and leashes do not emit electromagnetic waves, do not require a battery, and NFC technology is water resistant. In addition to the new technological and smart features abovementioned in this article, the memopet accessories are made of nylon, which is beneficial in terms of their traditional use.

100% Made in Italy, memopet100% Made in Italy, lightweight, comfortable and durable, the accessories of the memopet collection come in 6 different vibrant colors, and they are designed to provide maximum comfort to our 4-legged friends.

For this reason, within the Memopet line, the first Myfamily harness is born: an innovative product, designed in every detail to give safety and comfort to your dog. Thanks to the angled pectoral belt, the pressure on the neck is reduced and the PeloStop padding prevents the hair from getting tangled. In addition, the reflector at the edge makes the harnesses glow in the dark!

With Memopet the idea of collars and leashes is completely reshaped, giving way to a new generation of accessories for our 4-legged friends...

Are you ready to be part of the revolution?

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