memopet® Dark Blue Rope Leash
    memopet® Dark Blue Rope Leash
    memopet® Dark Blue Rope Leash

    memopet® Dark Blue Rope Leash

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    With a practical and functional design, this memopet dark blue rope leash is an essential to use anywhere, even in the rain. Very comfortable to hold in your hands!

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    Rope diameter
    Maximum dog weight

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    1% of your purchase goes to the MyFamily Foundation, which supports children and pets nationwide.


    MyFamily Foundation supports initiatives aimed at the well-being of those who teach us love in its purest and selfless form: pets and children.



    The memopet dark blue rope leash is a perfect blend of comfort and style. Lightweight and ultra-soft, It's snug beyond the ordinary. It will be your ideal adventure companion: you can hold it in your hands in any weather condition, so you'll have no more excuses to stay at home! The memopet line includes iconic MyFamily items that continuously win over pet lovers with diverse personalities due to their versatility and the wide range of colors available. Designed for those who prioritize comfort, wherever they go.

    100% polyester
    Dark Blue
    NFC Chip
    Water resistance

    100% Made in Italy (Valenza)

    2-year warranty

    Designed for pets

    Carefully selected materials

    Chip NFC

    Access extra features of the memopet app with a simple tap. Write your four-legged friend's daily diary and keep track of their habits without missing their appointments.

    Discover the memopet app >

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