Last week we interviewed one of our customers. The Sicilian company with whom we spoke, owner of the brand Hobbyzoo, introduced some comments that we will post in our blog. This action is aimed to make the business culture known in the pet world and share valuable information, coming from skilled operators in the sector.

Michele Monteforte has been working in pet industry for many years and has recently taken over (it was 2011) a growing business. 

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Profile of your enterprise, to explain your background to the reader:

Sign name: Hobbyzoo

Enterprise existing from: 2013 (first shop), 2016 (second one)

Shop surface: 240 sq. meters and 800 sq. meters

Total surface of the shops of this chain (if owner of a chain): 1040 sq. meters

Turnover: 1,8 millions of Euros

Number of persons in charge: 11, among those 4 chemists

Commercial offer: 16.000 references for each shelf + grooming service + vet pharmacy service


D: Many of the markets where sales activities are working have suffered a decrease. Disregarding what financial analysts say, what is your situation? Which business trends and which changes in the behaviour of end users do you observe?

R: Like other operators in the world of PET, we have the chance to work in a field with a 2 digit growth, though other balanced or declining markets. However, this growth concerns above all chains and online commerce.

End users are more and more aware and well-informed. That's why the "amount" of purchases decreases, but the expenses per person grow. We noticed that buyers are disposed to pay more for products having a better quality

D: Which are the peculiarities distinguishing Hobbyzoo and which are the "strategic" moves of next years?

R: Our strong points are: the wide offer that end users can find in our shops, with more than 16.000 references for each shelf and the offered services: grooming and vet pharmacy competence and skill of our staff. The customer wants to be guided and suggested and this is the added value we give. 4 of the 11 members of our staff are chemists and training is for us a continuous process, that we combine with convivial moments. It's difficult to find motivated and skilled human resources and this represents our real challenge for the opening of the next shops. Looking at the future, we plan to open 6 other shops in the next 2 years and to start a project of online marketing. On the contrary, if we look at the past and could revise our choices, we would deal with e-commerce in advance.

D: How did you know MyFamily and what are the advantages on which the company producing The tags can count.

R: With MyFamily we immediately started a gratifying cooperation based on mutual respect.

Products are of higher quality and the capacity to spread them differentiate MyFamily from its competitors. According to my opinion, MyFamily is very skilfull in quickly updating its offer of products and machines and in keeping up with the sudden changes which are typical in today's markets

D: If you would like to give a suggestion to the owners of independent shops, what would you tell them?

R: I would wish them to watch the current changes, in order to be able to monitor them and use them as an opportunity

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