Ascot Keyring in Brown Italian...

Ascot Keyring in Brown Italian Greased Leather

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Ascot Keyring in Brown Italian Greased Leather, with English Brass finishings, 100% Made in Italy.

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1% of your purchase goes to the MyFamily Foundation, which supports children and pets nationwide.


MyFamily Foundation supports initiatives aimed at the well-being of those who teach us love in its purest and selfless form: pets and children.



The newest MyFamily's keyrings, 100% Made in Italy, are ready to stay in thousands of people's pockets and bags, expressing an elegant and modern style. The variety of textures, along with the materials quality and the handcrafted care of details, give great emotion to whom bring them along. The male designs are related to the Bilbao collars and leashes collection, in leatherette with studs. Instead, the female designs are related to the Saint Tropez collection, distinguished by refined details in glitter enamel. All the MyFamily's ID Tags are perfect to be hung on the new keyrings, and can be customized with an engraved phrase or a dedication. Thus, each person will have a truly unique product.

English Brass
Greased Italian Leather

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