There is one thing that unites all families: unconditional and mutual love. In our family, pets and children hold a special place, and it is they who teach us love in its purest and selfless form.

For this reason, we want to dedicate our energies to a project focused on their well-being, which also includes moments of interaction aimed at understanding and respecting each other.


Sometimes, we don't realize the power we have in our hands. Our ideas, our time, and our energy are valuable and can truly change the destiny of others. If you want to contribute to the development of our initiatives, we are waiting for you.

Each of us can make a difference!


We make donations to shelters and associations that take care of four-legged friends in need.


We develop projects and raise funds for schools and children's hospitals, for a better future.

Growing Together

We support initiatives and organize events dedicated to the interaction between children and pets.


We are committed to helping all disadvantaged children and pets or those in need of assistance to improve the quality of their lives, thereby contributing to their presence in society.


Make a difference!

Every time you purchase a MyFamily product, we will donate a portion of the amount to MyFamily Foundation. You can also actively contribute by donating an amount of your choice: