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MyFamily Small Brush for Short-Haired...
MyFamily Small Brush for Short-Haired...
MyFamily Small Brush for Short-Haired...

MyFamily Small Brush for Short-Haired Dogs and Cats

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Ash wood slicker brush with short zinc-plated pins. This MyFamily brush is ideal for small-sized dogs and cats with short hair. It is water-resistant, with an ergonomic handle, gentle on your pet's skin.


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The professional small MyFamily brush with short pins is suitable for small-sized animals with short fur, made of 100% FSC® certified ash wood. Essential for the health of your pet, it features an ergonomic handle that facilitates grooming, a natural rubber pneumatic cushion, and zinc-plated pins that make the brush water-resistant. Its curvature allows for easier use, avoiding pressure and maintaining a gentle touch on the skin. Carefully designed to penetrate deeply into the coat without causing irritation. Made in Italy, VeganOK certified. MyFamily cotton bag included, to carry it with you always.

Available for purchase
• MyFamily Boutique
• Online
6,30x2,76 inch
Pin length
0,59 inch
Body material
Ash wood
Cushion material
Natural rubber and cotton

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