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"Clean Walks" Dog Hygiene Bags
"Clean Walks" Dog Hygiene Bags
"Clean Walks" Dog Hygiene Bags

"Clean Walks" Dog Hygiene Bags

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A roll of 15 "Clean Walks" dog hygiene bags by MyFamily. Durable and 100% green: biodegradable and compostable. Revolutionize your furry friend's Poop Art!

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The "Clean Walks" dog hygiene bags by MyFamily are the perfect and eco-friendly solution for your next outings with your buddy. 100% biodegradable and compostable, they are made from corn starch and plant waste. Packaging is biodegradable cardboard and the core is recyclable cardboard. Durable for every pet's needs, they do not release unpleasant odors. Get ready to revolutionize your dog's Poop Art and always carry them with you thanks to the handy MyFamily "Just in Case" dispenser.

Produced by BioSave PlasticFree

Distributed by MyFamily S.r.l.

Available for purchase
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9,06x11,81 inch
17 μm

100% Made in Italy (Valenza)

2-years warranty

Designed for pets

Materials carefully selected


With Clean Walks hygiene bags, walking your dog takes on a whole new meaning. 100% compostable and plastic free, these bags can be thrown away in organic waste or in the home compost bin, even in the presence of pet waste.

Easy to use

Clean Walks bags separate easily from the roll and open instantly, providing you with a comfortable walking experience. Insert the roll into the MyFamily Just in Case bag holder to always have it at hand!

For all needs

The Clean Walks bag is sturdy, ensuring extreme reliability. Suitable for dogs of any size, it offers a convenient and spacious solution for cleaning during walks.

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