4 marketing suggestions to increase sales in your pet shop.

If you are looking for effective means in order to increase sales in your pet store, please read this article about our ideas which are the result of our experience with thousands of shopkeepers of this field.
We are Pet specialists and we know commercial habits as well as the customers of this market very well.
This article is meant to give you some cues about how to improve the economic performance of your store for four-legged friends and their “colleagues”, not to increase all of a sudden the number of customers in your shop.
On the other hand, some simple commercial suggestions for pet world – as for all other categories – can be of great help if followed with method and perseverance.

Suggestion 1: cooperate with your colleagues.
Are there any other store serving our friends Animals, in your neighborhood? Try to make a partnership with your colleagues, in order to increase the “walk in” (namely the number of people visiting your shop). Think about groomers, veterinarians or any business which has your same target of customers. You can invite them to visit your shop, trying to make this occasion an agreeable event. In order to succeed, focus on what can be interesting for them. Think about their interests before yours.
This effort will help you to achieve new customers.

Suggestion 2: focus on your customers’ wishes.
Customers are more and more picky and it’s a challenge to get their attention. This applies to those who are in pet business, whether they have a shop or not, as well as to all those who manage any business activity.
In this sense, wonder who actually the customer is. Is it the owner, or his hairy friend? Or both? And what are their actual needs?
Thinking about this question, you will adapt the level of service to your customer’s real needs and wishes. Perhaps you will decide to offer a croquettes testing for your customers’ four-legged friends, or you will develop a new service aiming at making both happy. This tactic will help you to gain your customers loyalty and to make them come back more often; you will also avoid the competitors to lure them away from you.

Suggestion 3: make your shop “social”.
World has become social. All that concerns successful products and services turns around the communities crystallizing all around. It’s no more a trend, a fashion, but a real social aptitude, thanks to internet.
Listening to customers and receiving requests, comments or complaints all day long, you will notice that they can be grouped into themes. The same themes can be retrieved and posted in your blog or on Facebook and commented and shared.
If you adopt this tactic, you will increase the popularity of your brand: the so named “Brand Awareness”.

Suggestion 4: know your customers the best you can.
How much is your name important for you? If you think for a while, to be called by name is very rewarding for all of us.
That’s why all pets’ owners choose with pleasure and satisfaction their own dog’s or cat’s name. If you work assiduously in order to collect the information about your customers, you will reach the same goal: gratifying them.

You need to be organized in order to collect and manage your customers’ information.
If you are not accustomed to software, you can equip yourself with paper and pen. If you prefer to use computer, you shall use customers’ management software (we are talking about CRM, meaning Customer Relationship Management). This option will give the advantage to be able to manage many data which can also be quickly queried.
When you deal with this topic, keep in mind who your customer is: read once again point 2 to collect the relevant information and to use them in the best way. If you are able to successfully manage the relationship with your customers, you will get customers loyalty and you will gain new customers thanks to recommendation.
Finally, a more conscious management of your customers allows you to organize them in subgroups with special needs (segmentation of customers) that can be better satisfied. For instance: customers having a small size dog may be interested in a different service compared to those who own a cat (does it make sense to offer croquettes testing service for cats, if they rarely visit the point of sale with their owner?).

Conclusion: your recipe is magic.
The suggestions we gave you in this short article are general and the truth is that there isn’t a magic recipe to have a successful pet shop. What really counts is the daily attitude that has necessarily to consider also what mentioned in this document.
As latest suggestion, you can wonder what your daily attitude with the four reported suggestions is and try to make them your own with perseverance.
To have an engraving machine in your shop helps you to have more and more faithful customers.

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